Sal Badcock Studio & Gallery, Mission Beach

'Friday On My Mind'

Painted over 7 Thursdays outside Oceania Bar & Grill, Mission Beach FNQ.

People came every Thursday to watch, fascinated by the creation of the reef, corals and it's creatures. Comments were made as to what fish and creatures they thought should be added, only to return the following week to discover their personal fish had appeared.

This is the kind of painting, that draws you in and lets your eyes alternatively rest, peering off into the deep blue ocean, or wander everywhere, continually finding new hidden treasures.

Contains: Coral Cod: Clown Anemone Fish; Blue Sea Star; Striped Butterflyfish; Moorish Idol; Giant Clam Fairy Basslets; Flame Angelfish and a variety of other denizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
180 x 120 cm

If you like this painting and would like one similar (a commission), or have questions about price, method of payment, packing and shipping, please email Sal.

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